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The infrastructure in most African countries is underdeveloped, which severely restricts the local economy development. A projected 650 million people are likely to remain without access to electricity in 2030, and 90% will be in Sub-Saharan Africa. CADFund will make more efforts to develop and promote infrastructure projects such as roads, railways, regional aviation networks and electricity projects. It will support Chinese enterprises to participate in Africa’s infrastructure construction in an integrated manner of investment, construction and operation.

Ghana Power Plant Project

CADFund and China Shenzhen Energy Group Ltd., jointly invested in the construction of a gas combined cycle power generation project in Ghana in 2008, with a total planned capacity of 560MW and a total investment of 790 million US dollars. The Sunon Asogli Power (GH) Gas Turbine Power Station Project is the first power production project in Africa fully owned by China and is also a key project for Ghana's power development. The power plant generates 3 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity each year, providing 20% of electricity needed by Ghana, greatly liberating West Africa from the burden of power shortage.

Nigeria TICT Port

Invested jointly by CADFund and China Merchant, TICT port is currently one of the biggest ports in West Africa with a thruput of 473,000 TEU per year, which effectively improve the local infrastructure and ease the strains on cross-border transportation. The projects has provided over 600 job opportunities, among which 99% are local employees.