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There are plenty arable land resources in Africa, where the land area accounts for 1/5 of the world land area. The arable land area reaches 771 million hectares, however, the cultivated area only accounts for 27% of the total arable land area in Africa. The climate conditions in Africa is suitable to develop agriculture, with annual average temperature at above 20 ℃, and annual average precipitation over 1000mm in most regions. There are 4 major rivers, the Congo River, the Nile River, the Niger River and the Zambezi River, and several big lakes in the Rift Zone in east Africa, which provide abundant irrigation resources to African agriculture development. Africa abounds in food crops such as corn, sorghum, millet, cassava, barley etc., and economic crops such as sisal, cotton, cocoa, peanut, oil palm, cashew, coffee and natural rubber etc..

CADFund will focus on such fields as food crops, public health, employment, poverty reduction and will actively engage in cooperation in extending the industrial value chain of African agriculture from production to processing and facilitate local capacity building. It will support the construction of local medical and health facilities to improve the medical service and public health.

China-Africa Cotton Project

In 2009, CADFund, together with China Qingdao Ruichang Company and China Qingdao Huifu Company jointly funded and established the China-Africa Cotton Development Co., Ltd. to build and merge cotton ginning mill, oil extraction plants, spinning plants and seed companies in countries like Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia. The Project involves the whole value chain of the industry from cotton breeding cotton acquisition, processing and sales, cottonseed oil extraction and sale of edible cottonseed oil; as well as cotton by-products production and low grade cotton spinning, etc. By the "company+households" production and operational model, the project gives full play to each cotton-farmer, and has not only promoted the development of cotton industry in African countries, but also provided sufficient employment opportunities for the local people and promoted the local economic development. The Project employed more than 3,300 local employees and drove 40,000 to 50,000 households to grow cotton, benefiting more than 200,000 local households.

Humanwell Pharmaceutical Project in Mali

CADFund, together with Wuhan Humanwell Pharmaceutical Company, co-invested a Pharmaceutical plant in Mali with annual outputs of 30 million bottles of syrup and 40 million bottles of infusion, which ameliorates the shortage of medicines in west Africa, provides affordable medicines for the local communities, improves the accessibility of medical services, and trains medical technicians for Mali. The president of Mali Ibrahim Boubacar Keita commented that the project will benefit the Malian people, which helps Mali acquire the ability to produce drugs independently, and thus, end the history of Mali's inability to produce drugs.